We import and market innovative ingredients and supplies for the food and nutrition industry. Products conceived and elaborated on the basis of constantly updated technologies, complying with high international quality standards, with a solid and well-conceived logistics chain that ensures an optimal level of customer service.

Where do we aim?

To be the leader in the commercialization of supplies and specialties leader at national level and with international recognition, allowing to be a contribution to innovation and sustainability for the food sector. With a level of efficiency that generates economic value for its customers, shareholders, suppliers and internal collaborators.

Our philosophy

We are a company that sells high quality ingredients for the food production for human consumption; supplies ranging from dairy products, nutritional supplements to health and beauty care products. At ADIPLUS, the goal is to provide our customers with not only quality products but also ingredients that are convenient for their formulations that optimize their processes and reduce their production costs. We continuously strive to be a dynamic, innovative and reliable company. Also, We are a global company that exports to several countries, such as Colombia, Bolivia, Chile and Central America. Our production process not only meets, but exceeds national and international requirements.

Social Responsibility

We are a socially responsible company because we contribute actively and voluntarily to social, economic and environmental improvement, with the target of generating value to society. We have clear that being a socially responsible company is taking a step beyond compliance with laws and regulations, with strict respect for people and the environment.






Our Company

Over the years we have achieved to position ourselves in the market, being one of the main companies in the field of ingredients and nutrition with specific products and high functionality.

We are a great team with the best custom service

Shaped by professionals in the food Industry with experience in the dairy market, production, commercial management and project management; with more than 18 years at industry.